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Fruit Tea

As the perfect summer refreshment or a reviving winter brew, our selection of fruit teas are great for hot and cold brewing.

This is where the art of the tea blender shines brightest. Tea Drops blends are true masterpieces of individual character and taste profile. Caffeine-free and original, our herbal blends feature the finest quality dried fruit, herbs and spices. Serve hot or pour over ice after brewing.
Fruit tea is a delicious, sweet, and tangy drink option. Healthy and full of natural fruit sugars and flavours, fruit-based teas are becoming incredibly popular worldwide. An added benefit? Fruit teas can be enjoyed hot or cold over ice.


We all know that fruits are full of healthy nutrients like antioxidants and naturally occurring vitamins. Antioxidants have garnered the attention of many people trying to improve their health - and it’s for a good reason. Antioxidants have been proven to slow down and prevent cell damage. Fruit teas, which are made of dehydrated and dried fruit, are packed full of antioxidants and vitamins. So enjoy a cup (or 2) and reap the benefits of antioxidants!


Making a delicious cup of iced fruit tea is easy - and you can even make extra to enjoy throughout the day.

First, choose your favourite fruit tea blend. Tropical and berry blends are super refreshing as an iced tea - but try many different options to find the ones you love. 

Then, bring water almost to a rolling boil (fully boiling water can be too hot for fruit-based teas). Steep your tea for three to six minutes to develop strong fruity flavours.

To finish - add copious amounts of ice into your tea, and let the tea chill. If you made a large teapot of tea, add extra water and ice into a pitcher to access a fruity beverage all day.


Looking to buy fruit tea online?

Tea Drop is your one-stop shop for the highest quality fruit-based teas. All of our products are hand-picked, ethically sourced, and tasted by our own tea master. Taste the difference that decades of knowledge and experience make!